Teams registering for the Snowbird Baseball Classic are not considered to be registered until the online registration is submitted.

Please use the form below to register your team for the Snowbird Baseball Classic.

2023 Registration Deadline: December 1st, 2022

2024 Registration Deadline: November 1st, 2023
An email confirmation will be sent once a team registers.

2023 Game Fees

Division I teams-

$750 per game per team and includes field rental, umpires fees (3 per game) and administrative costs. $900 for 4 umpires per game. Home team will supply all game balls as needed.

Division III teams –

$250 per game per team and includes field rental, umpire fees (3 per game) and administrative costs. Each team will provide 6 new baseballs to start the game. If additional Baseballs are required, teams will take turns providing baseballs.

JV Games –

$200 per game per team and includes field rental, umpire fees (2 per game) and administrative costs.

All JV Games will have a two hour time limit. No new inning will be started after two hours.

Full Field Practices will be charged at $175 for a 2 hour session.

Any Division I games played that Snowbird Baseball does not assign umpires to a fee of $1,000.00 will be charged to both teams for use of field, maintenance, lights and administrative costs.

All fees are due by February 1, 2023 and are subject to late charges if not received by February 10, 2023.

Please make checks payable to:
Snowbird Baseball LLC
P.O. Box 7645
North Port, FL 34290

  • Payments can be made by check, zelle, credit card (5% Service charge) or Paypal (5% Service Charge).
  • An invoice will be mailed within 10 days of publishing the final schedule: All payments should be sent to the address listed above.
  • Teams are considered registered once the Registration form is submitted and an acknowledging email is received by the registrant and Snowbird Baseball or upon verbal agreement between coach and Snowbird Baseball.
  • After submitting the form below, you will receive an email confirming your registration has been received. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us at 941-876-3226.
  • All game scheduling and umpire assignments will be in a computer based software program.
  • After the schedule is published, there will be no refunds for practice sessions or games cancelled.
  • After the schedule is published, no games can be cancelled without consent from both coaches and the Tournament Director.
  • Rain outs will be refunded at $100 per game.
  • Practices not started due to rain will be refunded at the rate of $75 per team. Any game/practice started but not completed due to rain will not be refunded. Snowbird Baseball will make every effort to re-schedule rained out activities. Snowbird Baseball will make every effort to re-schedule rained out activities.


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